Join us throughout May, as we discuss and work towards a youth-driven recovery to the world’s converging crises, as part of the Davos Dialogues, a World Economic Forum & Global Shapers Community initiative!

πŸ“’ The dialogues are 100% free and open to all! Participate in this workshop to break down what measures are being taken, what still needs to be done and how to practically achieve a more inclusive future.

🌍 The Davos Dialogues are a WEF initiative to mobilise interested citizens and stakeholders in more than 150 countries and shape a youth-driven recovery plan to address the world’s converging crises. The dialogues will feed into wider WEF strategies, making this an excellent opportunity to engage with the global community on a number of key issues, including Climate Action.

🎀 The event will be a live, honest and open conversation between key stakeholders across industries, public and private, including climate change organisations, employers and young people.

πŸ—“ The Toronto Hub has organized five dialogues: